The War Is Over! A timeline of events!



Todays blog post is definitely a lot more special than usual. Why? Well today we are delighted to announce that the war has finally ended after 4 years of brutal fighting!

However, as we all know, Britain is in a state of mourning and grief. Approximately  867 829 to 1 0011 687 men from Britain and the British Colonies died. This post is dedicated to all the men who sacrificed their lives for our nation, so we have decided to put together a timeline of everything that has happened over the last four years.

4 August 2014

Britain declared war on Germany after Germany moved their troops through Belgium which was neutral and also had a treaty with Britain to help each other if they were attacked.

6 – 12 September 2014

The Battle of the Marne was the first battle of WW1. By 12 September The Allies had around 263 00 wounded men and 81 000 men had died.

24 – 25 December 2014

On the evening of  Christmas Eve, men of the BEF heard German troops in the trenches opposite them singing carols and songs and saw lanterns and small fir trees along the top of their trenches. Aside from the language barrier, the two enemies started shouting messages across to each other.

On Christmas Day the  British and German soldiers met in No Man’s Land and exchanged gifts, took photographs and  played some games of football. They also repaired their trenches and buried some of their casualties.

However, after Boxing Day the meetings on No Man’s Land stopped and the fighting resumed.

That’s all for this blog post. The next 5 posts will be about the main events that happened during 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

To end this post we have included a couple of pictures of the trenches;



Thank you for reading xx










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