The War is Over! A timeline of events (Part 2)!


If you read my last blog post or have basically been on any social media then you will probably know that the war has finally ended!

As a way of celebrating this amazing milestone but also commemorating those who fought bravely for our country, we have put together a timeline of all the major events that have happened during the last four years in a series of four blog posts.

19 January 1915

The first German Zeppelin raid on Britain took place near Great Yarmouth on the east coast of England. Four people died in total and the amount of damage cost around  £8,000.

22 April 2015

The Second Battle of Ypres was when Germany used poison gas for the first time in a major offensive. At 5pm, the German soldiers released almost 200 tonnes of Chlorine gas acrose a 4km front. Within 10 minutes, 6,000 Allied troops died due to the gas.

23rd May 2015

Italy declared war on Austria-Hungary and General Luigi Cadorna launched mass attacks on Austria-Hungary. However, the Austrian-Hungary army quickly built trenches and the Italian army suffered heavy casualties. In the first two weeks, they lost 60,000 men, and by the time the attacks were called off in winter that year, they had lost 300,000 men in total.

31st May 2015

The first Zeppelin raid on London killed 28 people in total and injured 60 more. Zeppelins were able to deliver successful long-range bombing attacks. However, they were also very venerable to being attacked, especially during bad weather. British fighter pilots were good at bringing down Zeppelins, and a total of 77 Zeppelins out of 115 were destroyed or so damaged they couldn’t be used again during the 4 years of war.

5th October 2015

The first Anglo-French troop arrived at Salonika, which is an important Greek port which became the best route to send Allied aid to Serbia. The French commander, General Maurice Sarrail and General George Milne turned Sakonika and the surrounding area into an entrenched zone, which included a trench-system which was similar to the one on the Western Front.

Thats all for this blog post. The next post will be about the main events that happened during 2016.


Thank you for reading xx


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